Saturday, August 09, 2003

On Muslim sensitivities

Why is it that no one in this world can say “Islam sucks, you must be really dumb to be a Muslim” without having a fatwa issued against him?
Why is it that a Miss World pageant can end up a civil war when someone remarks that Mohammed would have liked some (or all) of the contestants?
Why is it many Muslims have no sense of proportion?

I’ll tell you why.

Islam is a bullshit religion (well, they all are, but some are even worse than others). Islam feels it isn’t even second-best (that would be Christianity), it comes third! Its followers don’t like to think about it much, but Islam is basically another reformist movement, much like that started by Luther, and for much the same reason (and with much the same outcome: It didn’t replace its predecessors, just drew quite a crowd, which pissed Mohammed off mightily).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Islam is any better or worse than any other religion (although the average Muslim is certainly my last choice for a new neighbour). Islam’s followers however know deep in their hearts that their lives suck. The lives of all their ancestors sucked, and if it’s up to their religious leaders, their children’s lives will suck even worse. All because they choose to follow and obey primitive fanatics who hate life in general, women in particular and are incapable of genuine laughter and happiness.

Much of this used to be true for Christians as well (and it still is for a small minority of them). Exactly, that was many hundreds of years ago. It’s the dark ages of Islam we are ALL in. Hope the renaissance comes soon…

Update: Googling "death sentence Islam" scores nearly 82.000 hits. So just to compare, I also Googled "death sentence Christianity", and I scored 114.000! But guess what?! All the pages I checked out on this last search turned out to be Christians sentenced to death or under threat thereof BY ISLAM!


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