Monday, September 05, 2005

Is Israel betraying India?

Three authors at the JPost ask "Why is Israel betraying India?". I would not go so far yet, but they do have a point.
For most Indians the greatest threat to our country comes from Pakistan, a rogue neighbor armed with the nuclear bomb and governed by a military dictatorship – a scenario with which Israelis are all too familiar. Because of that threat, our military ties were strengthening to the point where Israel is the largest supplier of military technology and arms to India.
Musharraf is a dictator. Of one of the most radical, hate-filled Muslim countries in the world (and that is saying something). The authors make a good point here:
Were you aware that while Gen. Musharraf was in charge of the Pakistani army he supported A.Q. Khan (a metallurgist whom the establishment for years held up as the "father" of Pakistan's nuclear bomb) as he made over 15 trips to share nuclear technology with Iran?

Two weeks ago, Musharraf admitted to the world the links between Pakistan and the Iranian and North Korean nuclear bomb.
The Taliban, the madrassas, the medieval type of society. It would be nice if Pakistan and all of the Muslim world would just recognize Israel and leave things at that. Not gonna happen any time soon. But in the meantime, Israel needs friendship with Pakistan a lot less than it needs friendship with India, which shares with Israel that it is a democracy and virtually under siege from Muslim terroristocracies.

Let alone the vital trade relationship.

So is Israel betraying India? No. But I would not want to even create the slightest impression that I was talking to the worst enemy of what is clearly a good friend.

It's just a stupid thing to do.


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