Wednesday, June 16, 2004

'Fresh blows to shaky Saudi security'

High time to use the scare quotes (© BBC) against the terror apologists. 'Shaky security'. Hah! Peope aren't even safe inside fortied compounds (mostly due to "security guards" who sympathize with the "militants". And the only reason people even dare to live there is because of the wages the Saudi's are willing to pay anyone brave or dumb or amoral enough to go and work there.

I wonder if the BBC had bothered to report on this at all if it hadn't been for the murder and attempted murder of their correspondents Simon Cumbers and Frank Gardner. But you have to hand it to the BBC: They still manage to avoid the word "terrorist". And whereas I use the word "murder", their report actually says they were "shot", and "killed". No, the BBC invariably call people who cut off heads of people lying bound on the floor "militants" and even "activists".
Quote: 'They were filming the house of an al-Qaeda militant killed last year when they came under fire.'

Well, with that in mind, the security sitation in Saudi is indeed "shaky".


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