Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Another angle at the Truth

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder at The Spectator wrote Religion of Hate. It is short, sweet, and so to the point I almost wish everybody would just shut up after reading it...
NEW YORK -- They stood on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, looking west to Manhattan, toward the fires that had turned the horizon a bright orange that rose to great heights against a perfect, pitiless blue sky. Observing this terrible beauty, the residents of the neighborhood danced in the streets, laughing, shouting to each other, shaking hands. These people were not what one would suppose to be fanatical or militant Muslims. They were people who had come to these shores from the Middle East, mostly shopkeepers, bakers, purveyors of eastern spices, tradesmen, cab drivers and the usual diversity of people found in a New York ethnic neighborhood on a warm fall weekday.

They were American citizens, however, expressing their judgment -- joy -- at the events of that horrible day that forever changed our world and America's place in that world. They were also the followers of Islam: religion of oppression, discrimination, violence, terror, war, superstition, intolerance and prejudice. They were the followers of a religion of hate who, at the very least, if not active participants in the events of that world-changing day, took unashamed pleasure in the violence visited upon those -- including their fellow citizens and neighbors -- who did not share their beliefs.
This is great reading.


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