Tuesday, July 27, 2004

French Justice can be swift

12 days ago I quoted a Dutch report that later got international attention as well about a French woman who claimed she was attacked by 6 men whom (for all intents and purposes) she described as Arabs. The claim turned out to be false, which is really unbelievable when taking into account the show that was put on.
Anyway, all of a sudden the French took action. Whereas years of increase in severity and frequency in anti-Jewish attack were met with complacency, the French justice department now took swift action, and not two weeks after the incident, the woman has been tried and convicted. To a four-month suspended jail sentence, and mandatory psychiatric treatment.

It is not a suprise to see the French act to decisively when the victims in this case are in fact Muslims. The smear against Islam is real, and deserves redress.

But it is disgusting to see the French take such rapid and drastic action in this case, and be so complacent after much, much more serious incidents like
stabbings, synagogue-burnings and beatings, when the victims are only the traditional Jews. Yep, Arab-loving, Jew-hating really took a turn for the better this time.


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