Friday, July 23, 2004

"Car Swarm" (c)

Charles Johnson of LGF has dedicated a whole page to what he has aptly named "the Palestinian Car Swarm".

Every time Israel performs a late term abortion on a Muslim Psychopath driving a car (or when a Muslim Psychopath has a "working accident" transporting his "produce"), hundreds or even thousands of "mourners" converge upon the wreckage and tear both it and the remains of the occupants apart.

You  may call this despicable. Or gross. Morbid, certainly. But try and put in into some perspective. Imagine the sense of loss after Yassin forgot to dodge a Hellfire, or Rantisi neglected to give right of way to another Hellfire. So sad. So extra-judicial too.

Anyway, when you're in the mood to watch some Arab Jew-killers at their best, go here. Have fun. I did.


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