Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Love of the UN is spreading...

The Farce of the Fence, an op-ed by Jonathan Eric Lewis. Good reading:
This is, after all, an organization that has dictatorships like Cuba and Sudan on its Human Rights Commission and that regularly singles out the world’s only Jewish State for condemnation, while turning a blind eye to the persecution to minority groups throughout the Arab world such as the Iraq's indigenous Assyrian Christians or Algeria's long suffering Kabyles.

At a time when the Sudanese government is committing genocide against Black Africans, when Kurds are denied their most basic rights in Syria; when Armenians and Azerbaijans live in a situation that could easily once again erupt into savage violence in which Armenian civilians are targeted for the most horrific violence, and when the Palestinian Authority is in an anarchic state, the community of nations chooses to spend an inordinate amount of time condemning and vilifying the only democracy in the Middle East, a country that many in the Arab-Islamic world would like to see obliterated by Iranian nuclear weapons.

Jonathan Eric Lewis warns Americans against spending money on this corrupt, Jew-hating and terrorist-loving organization. He gives the UN too much credit when he states that 'the Palestinian Authority chose to make a mockery of international law in order to convince the world that Israel’s self-defense against terrorism and the protection of its Christian, Jewish, and Muslim citizens is worse than terrorism itself', as if the UN does not bend over backwards to accomodate such efforts.

But otherwise, I totally agree.
Read it all.


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