Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Infamous Redgrave

Other know this hateful shit for what she is. Don Feder at FrontPageMag has this to tell.

Apart from the part that I recently wrote about, Feder's dug up many misdeeds of this terrorist-worshipping slag.

Quote: 'In 1980, Redgrave proclaimed, "The State of Israel must be overthrown, there is no room for such a state." In December 1981, she told the publication Arab Perspective, "The Zionist state is the cause of conflict and violence in the Middle East." The establishment of Israel in 1948 was presumably preceded by millennia of peace and brotherly love in a region renowned for harmony.'

Quote: 'Redgrave’s the name, red graves are the game. In the 70s, she and her comrades helped inter countless Vietnamese and Cambodians. She’s aided Castro in keeping the Cubans in a Marxist morgue.
In the growing alliance of the Left and militant Islam, Vanessa Redgrave would put Israel into its own place of eternal repose. Shovels in hand, The International Court of Justice is there to assist her.'

Read it all.


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