Monday, July 12, 2004

Remember Cynthia McKinney?

Maybe not. I would surely forgive you for forcibly erasing her from your memory. If you have, here's a reminder. If you don't feel like reading up, I'll sum it up for ya: She's the nutcase Congresswoman who accused Bush of being aware of the impending 9/11 attack and doing nothing, in order to politically gain from it afterwards.

She was defeated in the 2002 elections. She now wants back in, and as Daniel Pipes reports, has drawn support from Jew-haters galore.

I checked the original donors list, and at first glance it seemed rather innocuous. Relatively small amount, a rather large number of Arabic-sounding names to be sure, but still?

Thanks to Pipes, we know who really has an interest in seeing this nutjob back in the US Congress. Their motive for wanting her there is my motive for wanting her in the insane asylum, where she more properly belongs.


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