Saturday, July 10, 2004

Details, I know. Just Jews being maimed and killed.

This is not newsworthy to anyone but Israeli's (and hopefully Jews living abroad).
But just to show what life would be like should Israel give up even more land: Arabs continue to send rockets from Gaza into "Israel proper". Usually missing, but even long odds get people killed and maimed every so often. Like Mordechai Yosepov, 49, and Afik Zahavi, four, and now Col. Pinchas (Pinky) Zuaretz.

The Arabs are not aiming at anyone. The "Kassam" rocket has all the accuracy of linen closet. But of course their purpose is to inflict murder, fear, terror, hurt. They know that if you fire enough of them, you will eventually hit someone, or worse.

Is Israel again going to send in soldiers on foot, backup by tanks and helicopters. Or are they going to wise up, and reciprocate in kind, but with severe interest?

Make a parking lot out of Gaza. Or get rid of the Arabs there, send them to Egypt where they belong and let real Human Beings make another paradise of what is now hell on earth.


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