Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I know I'm becoming repetitive

But this is an article after my heart. It is written the way I would have wanted to.
And most of all, the author is NOT a jew! (It sure doesn't sound like it anyway)

Quote: 'Compare, for example, two ancient nations, China and Israel. About a quarter of the world's population are Chinese. China is occupying Tibet and is waiting for an opportunity to gobble up Taiwan. Its systematic, daily human rights violations have by far surpassed the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union combined, which is quite an extraordinary achievement. It is the only country in the world that routinely executes thousands of convicts every year in order to harvest their organs for sale.'
(Ed. It is also the one country in the world that performs mandatory "abortions" on any second- and later born child by injecting the skull with formaldehyde BEFORE the rest of the baby has left the birth channel. Try and imagine this.)

Quote: '...UN resolutions depict Israel as the source of all evil on earth, while China looks as innocent of any digression and as disinterested in world domination as the Yanomami Indians of the Amazon rain forest.'

Quote: '...the simplest, most efficient way for the UN to make a substantial dent in anti-Semitism would be to call in all its people - both the staff and foreign representatives, seal all the exits and set the building on fire. Alternatively, Kofi Annan could contact his friends in the Arab world and ask them to slam the next hijacked airliner into the UN headquarters in New York City. I know it sounds cruel and cynical, but not as cruel and cynical as the UN, which, as a universally recognized international body, is in a unique position to effectively discredit and discourage anti-Semitism. Instead, it has been the leading force promoting it, and so, without the UN, Jews could've breathed a bit easier.'

So don't take my word for it. Rather, read Yashiko Sagamori thoughts.


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