Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Another scream from France

here's another joke from France: First they despise the Americans for playing the worlds policeman. Then it tells the world it can fulfill that role for Europe.
France is hilarious. It does not take part (in a military sense) in NATO. It got its ass kicked in just about every conflict in known history. The only fights it ever did win were fought for France by foreigners (ie the French Foreign Legion).

But we can all feel safe.

Quote: 'France could use its nuclear capability to defend its neighbours, French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said in an interview Monday, while also urging European Union states to increase military spending.'

Quote: 'She said that rogue states "could one day point their missiles toward France and its neighbours. We could say to those countries: 'Watch out, if you try to carry out your threats we will destroy you before you know what's hit you.'"'

Quote: 'She said that France has a mobile, flexible and highly-motivated military and that it was the second or third best in the world.'

Yes, very motivated. French second-hand weapons are the best buy. Only been dropped once...

Know what this is? It's the Arab mentality taking over already. They are posturing, defending Europe from their only perceived enemy. Israel!

Read it and weep


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