Friday, July 02, 2004

New subject for snuff movies

After sawing the heads off male infidels (or worse, Jews) like Nicholas Berg, Daniel Pearl, Paul Johnson and Kim Sun-il by Muslim Psychopaths, I predicted the practice would get old soon. And I was right. The latest atrocities no longer managed to capture global headlines. The murders are now simply part of every day life in Iraq, or at least they are to the average American and European

What I had failed to take into consideration was the proven creativity of the depraved mutants.

They are officially targeting women now, for abduction.

Maybe we're gonna get to see a real live rape on video, followed by a sawing off of the head. Or maybe the other way around, impossible to tell what Al Zarqawi and his Holy Warriors would prefer most.

Anyway, I'm on to these guys.

They're gonna go for children next. After four or five women, the novelty will again wear off. But children... That'll get everyone's attention!

I know they're up to the challenge. Their buddies in Israel can teach them everything they need to know.

Forgive me my bitterness and sarcasm. There seems to be no end to the sick depravity displayed by these Psychopaths. In a way, I'm almost glad with their actions; they polarize the world, forcing people who really don't want to think about these things to form an opinion.

14% of all Dutch people have a good opinion about Muslims. 67% have a BAD opinion of them. That is bad news for Muslims. These percentages used to be roughly the other way around. The Dutch, (and the rest of Europe too I hope) are ever so slowly realizing who lives in their midst, a lot of Al Zarqawi-wannabe's.

Maybe Europe will decide to kick them out after all. Or maybe not.


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