Monday, June 28, 2004

Kill the Enemy... But not with Israeli bullets

Army told Jewish ammo OK for training but not fighting Muslim guerrillas

Quote: 'There's a sensitivity that I think all of us recognize," [Representative Curt] Weldon told the Army witnesses, including Major General Buford Blount, who led the U.S. Third Infantry Division that captured Baghdad in April 2003.'

Arabs are apparently not sensitive about getting shot. Unless that is, they're being shot with Jew bullets.

This is getting downright silly.

Quote: '"It is decisions like these that feed the Palestinian propaganda machine and demean Israel," said Morton Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America.'

This is of course correct. The Americans should argue the other way around: If you're going to shoot Arabs, might as well use IMI ammo, they'll hurt just that little bit extra. That is, until Jew bullets (like dumdums) get prohibited by the Geneva convention. But I'm guessing Arabs would rather get shot by a Gentile hollow point than a Jew FMJ.

Well, I'd agree with them there.


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