Saturday, June 26, 2004

You reap what you sow. Yes, in Belgium too.

A Yeshiva student in Antwerp, Belgium was stabbed in the back and critically wounded. He is now in stable condition.
The attack was carried out by a group of 'North-African' Muslim youths.
Haaretz has a small article on the attack, but more information was found at the Belgian De Standaard Online (Dutch language)

I'll do some translating here.

"Four Jewish students were attacked by a group of North-African youths, armed with staves and knives. The four ran, but one was caught and stabbed in the back."

"The violent attack was cause for an emergency meeting between the Mayor, chief of police and District Attorney, who received a delegation from the Atnwerp Jewish community."

"Police admitted there was 'heightened tension' between the various communities."

Heightened tension. Sounds like a bi- or even multilateral thing. In fact, to quote Charles Johnson, it was probably the Buddhists that started it...

Jews. Leave Europe. This is my second call. It won't be my last.


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