Friday, June 25, 2004

Turkey increasing belligerency against Israel

Since the election victory of an Islamic (Islamist?) party in formerly secular Turkey, Israeli-Turkish relations have rapidly gone downhill.

Witness the latest (seemingly unrelated) move: El Al suspends all Turkey flights

What's the problem? Turkey has unilaterally changed security arrangements covering the number of Israeli security staff permitted at Istanbul's Attaturk international airport. A move that serves no purpose but to limit Israel in its capacity to ensure maximum safety during landings and take-offs at Istanbul airport.

Israel feels compelled to halt flights, because it will not compromise on security. And the Turks know this.

It would not be worth noting, unless it wasn't obvious that a pattern is emerging here. Read this and this to see why I think so.

Muslims. They are wrong. And they know it. But they just can't help themselves. And neither can anyone else.


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