Tuesday, June 22, 2004


What's in word? Well, A LOT!

I am getting sick of the media saying Kim Sun-il was 'beheaded' or Nick Berg was 'beheaded', or Paul Johnson was 'beheaded', or Daniel Pearl was 'beheaded'.

Technically it is true. It's true in the same way the separation barrier in Israel is part fence, part wall. (97%-3%). In other words, it's 'better' than an outright lie, it's a lie hidden in a tiny bit of truth.

Beheading (according to the Houghton Mifflin Company means 'To separate the head from; decapitate.'
Decapitation is not new. In fact, it was the execution method of choice for many countries that practiced capital punishment.
However, in cases where we speak of 'beheading' we always use it in the sense of using the French guillotine, or a violent but quick separation of the head from the body, as by a sword or axe stroke.

Never was 'beheading' used in the sense of 'sawing the head off a conscious lucid non-Muslim who is bound and held down, while using a knife that is probably dull and certainly shorter than the diameter of the neck being cut'.

This is what Muslims do to goats and sheep at certain Islamic festivities. It is what psychopathic Muslims do to non-Muslims. Another festivity perhaps?

Regardless, I hereby vote to rename this particular type of 'beheading' to 'sawing off the head'. It is more accurate, and much more honest.


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