Monday, June 21, 2004

BBC scare quotes defective again

Thai worker killed in Gaza attack heads BBC. First of all they omit saying who actually killed the Thai citizen, which naturally and correctly leads one to the conclusion it must have been Arab terrorists. Well, wrong, because even when a person murders another person, and the victim is unarmed and uninvolved, the BBC calls the murderes 'militants'.

Quote: 'Palestinian sources said a group of militants had fired submachine guns and anti-tank missiles toward greenhouses in the settlement.
They said Israeli troops returned fire, hitting two Palestinian workers who live nearby.'

When Arabs fire 'submachine guns and anti-tank missiles' at Israeli's, they are 'militants'. When the Israeli's return fire, the 'militants' magically become 'Palestinian workers who live nearby'.

I bet the man was deliberately murdered. Not only was he a replacement for Palestinian Arabs (who are no longer trusted), the humiliation (always an Arab favourite) was increased by the fact that ANYONE is more productive than an Arab.


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