Sunday, June 20, 2004

The next hot thing for corporate outings?

Throwing stones at Israel is fun. Well, it must be as so many people of all types (like good old dead Edward Said) and ages engage in it.
Haaretz has this report on a number of American 'activists' (scare quotes mine of course) who go on a tour with Hezbollah terrorists (although Haaretz calls them 'officials'!). Mandatory part of the tour is.. you guessed it, throwing stones at Israel.

Quote: 'The 12 activists - including lawyers, legal advisors and movie directors - also met with Hezbollah official Sheikh Nabil Kawook in the southern port city of Tyre.'

Isn't that nice? lawyers and movie directors meeting with Nabil Kawook?

A 'commander' in an 'army' responsible for the murder of 241 US Marines and other US servicemen.

Nice going, assholes.


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