Sunday, June 20, 2004

Grief grips engineer's hometown

More from the BBC. This report tells of the reactions of the people in the hometown of Paul Johnson, the American brutally murdered by Muslim terrorists (Although of course the BBC refers to them as 'militants'.

But one quote does strike me as sickening: 'Special agent Joseph Billy told reporters: "They... know that this act was done by extremists and does not represent the Saudi Arabia that Paul often spoke and wrote about... '

The perpetrators were Arabs. Saudi's most likely, but Arabs. 15 of the 19 Sept hijackers were Saudi's. A majority of Saudi's support Al Qaeda.
People are not allowed to vote, women not allowed to even drive in Saudi. Mutilations are part of the Saudi penal system.

They are barbarians. Don't tell me that the "this act" does not represent Saudi Arabia. I don't blame Paul johnson for working for the Arabs. But they were and still are vile, extremist oppressors, and deserve everything they're gonna get.

UPDATE: I am starting to feel less and less sorry for Paul Johnson, if not for his family. FOX has this report on how 'Johnson had worked in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade and over the week his friends and family had described him as devoted to the culture of his adopted land.'

"Devoted to the culture of his adopted land". Well, part of that culure includes decapitation. So I guess he didn't mind too much getting his head sawed off after all.


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