Monday, June 21, 2004

The Blessing and the Curse

Rachel Neuwirth sums it up well in this article at IsraelNationalNews.

World attitude towards the Jews.
Rewards for that attitude.
Jewish accomplishments (especially compared to Arab ones).
And where the world is going at present.

Quote: 'The world's 6.3 billion people have won a total of 844 Nobel prizes. The world's 1.3 billion Muslims have won eight of that total (including one for terrorist Yasser Arafat). The world's 14 million Jews have won 159 of the 844 Nobel prizes.

Jews, with 0.22% of the world's population, have won 18.8% of the prizes, or 85.4 times more than what their population would suggest.

Moslems with 20.6% of the world's population have won 0.95% of the prizes, or 21.7 times less than what their population would suggest.

Thus, it could be said, a Jew is 1,850 times more likely than a Moslem to win a Nobel Prize.'

Quote: '...much of the world continues to attack Israel and the Jewish People. And the final punishment, as prophesied in the Bible, is reserved for an end time when there will be a final settlement for all past sins. Both Christendom and Islam have done great harm to the Jewish people. Christian persecution has cost 7-10 million Jewish lives during the 2,000 years of the Diaspora, culminating with the Holocaust of another 6 million Jews inside Christian Europe, and with Vatican complicity. The Arab Muslims supported Hitler, opposed Jewish immigration, waged repeated wars against Israel, deny Israel its rightful territory, and now mount a global jihad to finish Hitler's goal of total extermination. And much of the world remains indifferent or even offers support to the Arabs.'

I don't believe in God. And I certainly don't pray. But were I so inclined, I'd pray with Rachel.

Read it all.


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