Thursday, June 17, 2004

BBC forgets scare quotes

Evolving tactics of Islamic militants

This is an interesting article about the use of the media by Islamic terrorists. But the real message as far as I am concerned is in what the BBC ads to it, or rather, alters in it: Even when they plainly speak of people separating Muslims from non-Muslims and subsequently killing the non-Muslims, they use the word "militants" where they refer to terrorists (murdering psychopathic scum is my preferred term, but let's keep it formal for the moment).

Quote: 'By the time of the Khobar attack on 29 May of this year, militants showed they had learned that lesson.

After they stormed a compound they were careful to separate out Muslims from non-Muslims and only kill Westerners.'

The BBC is referring to the Khobar massacre, 29th of May 2004.

Go here for the step-by-step reporting of the bloodbath inflicted upon unarmed innocent people (the reporting itself is done by the leader of the terrorists!), but what the BBC omits from their story is this: The terrorists were 'careful to separate out Muslims from non-Muslims' because they had the sitation under control. It was a very cool and controlled action.

Why is this significant? Apart from the psychopathic nature of the action? Because even after all this the BBC refers to them as "militants". While they are truly and formally TERRORISTS.

Definition of militant:
Fighting or warring.
Having a combative character; aggressive, especially in the service of a cause: a militant political activist.

Definition of terrorist:
someone who employs terrorism (especially as a political weapon); "terrorist activity" : a radical who employs terror as a political weapon

Which do you think is accurate?

And the BBC's next one:

Family plea for US hostage's life

Again the BBC tells it like this: 'The group that allegedly kidnapped Mr Johnson posted on the website another tape allegedly showing how its members killed another US citizen, Robert Jacob, last week.' (emphasis mine, of course)
And like this 'Officials said the video purportedly showing Mr Johnson was probably authentic.

In it, a man is seen in a black hood reading a statement and carrying an AK-47 rifle.

Mr Johnson's Lockheed Martin ID card is also shown in the video, which has been aired by US broadcaster CNN.

"My name is Paul Marshal Johnson and I am a citizen of the United States," he says.'

After more than enough proof to satisfy any court in the world, the BBC still says "allegedly" and "purportedly".

Well, "purportedly" the BBC reports on Islamist- and Israel-related affairs with such a slant that Israel has cut them off from all official cooperation.

And the last one for today: This is a report on the progres of the security barrier Israel is building. The BBC has this to say 'Part wall and part fence, the barrier, if completed, will run for 640km (397 miles) through the West Bank.'

This is true. It is also a lie of such magnitude and cleverness that (especially combined with all their other abhorrent reporting) it cannot possibly be accidental: There is exactly 3% or 15 miles of "wall" in the barrier. The "rest" is fence, as in "chainlinks", "mesh", you know, something you can see through.

I think even Al-Jazeera is less distrusted by the Israelis.


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