Wednesday, June 16, 2004

And while we're on the subject of Iran...

Some (like me) would like to spend money on Iran by bombing it into total and complete submission (which, after all is what "Islam" stands for). You see, I am absolutely convinced Iran WILL use nukes against Israel the moment it gets hold of them. If you are not convinced, go here. If then you are still unconvinced, and need to read up on the motives of Russia to assist Iran in its nuclear aspirations, go here. If you are still not convinced after that, fuck off and don't come back.

Others - like the World Bank for example - would like to spend money on Iran further propping up the Mad Mullahs.

Perhaps the World Bank should relocate its headquarters from Washington to a more suitable location. Perhaps Bushehr, Iran would be a good spot. At least they wouldn't suffer from brown-outs... There's a nice piece of real estate already in place! (warning: graphic images of nuclear plant under construction. Not for the faint of heart)


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