Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Do I detect a pattern here?

If you've read Bat Yeor's essay on the impending demise of Europe it should come as no surprise that it is difficult if not impossible to find a newspaper or TV station that reports even objectively on Israel-related affairs, let alone with a positive slant.

It is more difficult to explain why most newsmedia from the US and Canda report in similar fashion: Apologizing, obfuscating, downplaying and - of course - lying.
For example, HonestReporting has this round-up of near-global reporting on the opening of a new large Mosque (yippee!) in London. The inaugural speech was delivered by insane warmonger RoP © Imam Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais. This man is the cream of the crop of the recent harvest of haters and preachers of hate.

AP reports the Iman as saying: 'The history of Islam is the best testament to how different communities can live together in peace and harmony... Muslims should exemplify the true image of Islam in their interaction with other communities and dispel any misconceptions in some parts of the media.'

And of course he did.

But anybody interested in the guy (which I agree is a morbid fascination) would know that the staple diet he serves his audience consists of this type of drivel: '[he] beseeched Allah to annihilate the Jews. He also urged the Arabs to give up peace initiatives with [Jews] because they are "the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the violators of pacts and agreements, the murderers of the prophets, and the offspring of apes and pigs... These are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption..."'

Btw, this visitor is what the Imam's ideal of women's dressing looks like. In London.


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