Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Is there a problem with "Honour killings"?

The BBC has this report about the Muslim practice of 'honour killings' (and guess what: The Beeb uses scare quotes where a sane person also would!)

'Honour killings' occur when a female Muslim transgresses against the wishes of her father, brother(s) or in fact almost any other family member. The transgression (usually some form of contact with a non-Muslim, and certainly without formal permission from the father or acting guardian) is deemed to heap such shame and dishonour upon the family that murdering one's daughter is seen as the only honourable way out.

Of course this has much more to do with simple mysogyny and oppression of women. But the increase in 'honour killings' and the radical increase in the Muslim population in Europe are apparently unrelated to both the BBC and the authorities.

The shame takes on such epic proportions that there is (according to the BBC) a market for bountyhunters, tracking down transgressors who have fled. This involves even other women.

I used to know a Turkish girl who (so far) managed to escape this fate. But she's been fleeing her family for 8 years or more now, and she will never really feel safe. I wish you well, Aisha.

But let this be clear: If Europe is determined to become a Muslim continent, it should stop whining about a practice that will become mainstream within 30 or 40 years. Better get used to it.



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