Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Muslims taking the war a step further

But at least the Russians have no qualms killing vermin when the need arises.

Notice how the BBC fails to mention that the 'rebels' (sacre quotes mine of course) are Muslims, and their war is an integral part of the Islamic war against the rest of the world.

There is a world war going on. Much like the cold war, it doesn't seem to affect us in our daily lives all that much.
But if others hadn't fought that war, the other side would have won. This war is being fought in many different ways. Through terrorism, through oil, through demograpics, through conquest. Some of these methods are insidious, others are so brutal we cannot help but look away.

But if we refuse to fight, it will stare us in the face sooner than we think. And we will have three choices left then: Convert, become second class citizens, or die.

How appealing is that?


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