Wednesday, June 23, 2004

South-Korean divide through BBC glasses

Killing fuels S Korean divide head BBC.

Kim Sun-il's head was sawed off by Muslim psychopaths. Until then, there WAS no divide in S-Korea. There is now: Kim Sun-il's parents are now against S-Korean deployment in Iraq.

Or are they? The report doesn't actually say so, which (knowing the BBC) must mean they didn't actually say they are against it. What it does say is the parents are 'disatraught and bewildered, struggling to understand why their son was murdered'. This I can relate to. It is useless to try and understand however. There is no reason, unless you count psychopathic lust for slaughter as one.

The BBC goes on to quote one or two other Koreans, colleagues of Kim Sun-il.

So to the BBC, 48,598,175 million people in favour of and PERHAPS 3 against constitutes a divide.

At least the BBC has a firm grasp of the concept of "consistency".


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