Sunday, June 27, 2004

UN asks Israel to commit suicide

Well, not literally, but UN asks Israel to go nuclear-free.

Quote: '[Mohamed ElBaradei] said such dialogue would help reduce frustration in the region about "what is seen to be a widespread imbalance".'

Mohamed ElBaradei. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought the man is an Arab!

"what is seen to be a widespread imbalance". There IS indeed an imbalance. 5 million Jews, 298 million Arabs. Israel 120 billion GDP, Arabs 720 billion GDP (nice to see 5 million Jews earn exactly 1/6th of 300 million Arab; this translates to every Jew earning the same GDP as 10 Arabs. And remember, the Arabs have just about ALL the oil in the world, for FREE).

Yes, definitely an imbalance there. Want more imbalance? The Arabs supplied the chairman of the UN nuclear watchdog to let every Pakistani and Iranian transgression slide, but be on the Jews' backs instead.

Iran needs nukes like a hole in the head. No, they need a hole in the head WORSE.
Israel needs nukes like it needs water. Badly.
And the world needs the UN like it needs cancer.


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