Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Israel court orders barrier shift

Quote: 'Mr Dahla [Ed. petitioners' lawyer] hailed what he called a "courageous and very important" decision that would set a precedent for rulings in more than 20 other petitions against sections of the barrier which have either been built or are planned.

"This decision is more important than the one at The Hague because this one will be followed," he said outside the court.'

Israel's High Court has ordered changes to the route of the West Bank barrier, saying it is hurting Palestinians (emphasis mine).

How can this happen? Well, for starters, Israel HAS a high court (I mean one that takes instructions from no one)

Also, Israel is the kind of society where lawyers representing the official, self-proclaimed Enemy can start a case against the State, not be afraid, and even expect to win.

At least he has the decency to acknowledge the fact that Israel is also the kind of society that actually listens to what real courts say (as opposed to courts appointed by non-elected officials working for the United Arab League of Nations.

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