Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Powell is growing a set of balls...

And they are at least big enough to earn him a job at the UN. He
warns Sudan to end attacks, 'he said the UN Security Council could act if violence continued in the region where about one million people have fled their homes.'

'The UN SC could act.' Yes, it could. Or it could not. France has vetoright there remember. And while it is the BBC that again forgets to mention that apart from million or so refugees, a genocide is already underway

Quote from the last article: 'Under El Turabi, the National Islamic Front’s (NIF) stated agenda is to turn Sudan into the brotherhood’s concept of a model Islamic state and use its location, agricultural lands, and mineral resources to enable the radical Islamization of the entire continent. And they are willing to use any and all means such as deception, manipulation, corruption, exploitation, ruthless force, and genocide in their relentless confiscation of all land and the repression, conversion, or eradication of all civilians in the way.'

Read both articles. This has been going on for decades.

But the Arabs have been getting a free pass all that time. Again. Nothing new there.


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