Thursday, July 01, 2004

Kofi gets serious on anti-Semitism

Well, not really, obviously, but after 60 years of UN ineptitude and silence on the matter, and Jews being openly attacked for being Jews in the streets in Europe, the world leader wannabe deigned to open his mouth. Maybe Anne Bayefsky's scolding had something to do with it...

Jewish Groups Challenge Kofi Annan To Take Action

But he can't help himself. Quote: 'When we seek justice for the Palestinians - as we must - let us firmly disavow anyone who tries to use that cause to incite hatred against Jews, in Israel or elsewhere... The fight against antisemitism must be our fight. And Jews everywhere must feel that the United Nations is their home too."'

'...justice for the Palestinians - AS WE MUST - ...' When you throw that in, you are saying: 'I understand why Jews are attacked, in fact I quite sympathize. But really, ideally speaking, you shouldn't, you naughty persons...'

If Annan were standing on the scaffold, with a nose around his neck, I would pull the lever without a second thought. Looking his wife (who is traitorous Jew) in the eye, and telling her to get a life instead.


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