Friday, July 02, 2004

In case we forget

Gary Fitleberg at IsraelNationalNews has a fine analisys on "Palestinian" suicide bombers, their origins, their goals.

Quote: '...let's call a spade a spade. The terrorist bombers are not individuals merely trying to commit suicide, but are trying to commit ethnic genocide, bent on committing as much mass murder and mayhem as they can carry out without world condemnation or punishment.'

Quote: '...the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be accurately called the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Arab League continues to wage war by successfully utilizing a created Arab "Palestinian" nation and Arab "Palestinian" people in a political propaganda ploy. It is a contrived David vs. Goliath scenario, in which oppressed, poor "Palestinians" must cast stones against the mighty, powerful military of the IDF. It makes for great media imagery, however deceitful and misleading. There are 22 Arab/Islamic nations in the Middle East neighborhood bent on annihilating the only tiny, little Jewish one. These corrupt dictatorships and ruthless, repressive regimes use this convenient conflict to divert attention away from their own human rights abuses, and lack of democracy and freedom; to direct attention to the only one in the neighborhood who exhibits morality.'

Read it all. Although it may contain limited new insights, it nicely connects the dots, and refreshes a few important points.


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