Friday, July 02, 2004

More nuclear stuff from The Jews

In a really interesting piece WorldNetDaily informs of yet ANOTHER Israeli invention. It will make it possible to see through walls. Which is good if on the other side of that wall is a person of ill intent of a random religion (I'll just pick one, say err, a Buddhist), holding a Tibetan-made AKS (sometimes incorrectly designated an AK-47) against some innocent Wahabbi Muslims' chest.

The Israeli's will be able to distinguish friend from foe (even better than they are now) and send the Buddhist to hell (well, they don't believe in one, but for arguments sake). No virgins for him...

There is one problem with the invention. It uses X-ray technology. Which is harmful to people's health, and more importantly, is a kind of nuclear technology.

Which will cause no end of protesting from Al-Baradei (you gotta love that face!) and his cronies at the IAEA. Trust me. A boycott is imminent. Sanctions are inevitable. UN resolutions are unavoidable.

Bad, bad Israel. Bad.


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