Sunday, July 04, 2004

US aid to Egypt - Egypt preparing for war?

In this article of the Christian Science Monitor (not exactly a close friend of Israel), it is disclosed in quite some detail how (and allegedly why) Egypt receives US$ 2.2 BILLION annually.


These are gifts. Not loans. They don't have to pay it back (like Israel does).
There are no serious preconditions. Some 200 million is literally spending money, to with as the dictator pleases.

Egypt has no enemies, except the ones it itself so designates. But 1.3 BILLION of that US aid is MILITARY aid.

Egypt has fought 4 wars against Israel. It is now officially at peace, but it is the coldest peace since the Americans airlifted supplies into Berlin, which was under siege from the Russians, formally at peace with each other.

As I wrote earlier, Egypt supplies weapons to the Arab terrorists of the Hamas and other organizations in Gaza.

Egypt's diplomatic relations with Israel always depend on the moment. Ambassadors are recalled at the drop of a hat, and have spent more time in Egypt than in Israel.

Now US Congressman Tom Lantos (D) Warns Against Trusting Egypt, and plainly states that Egypt is preparing for war. And although he does NOT say so explictly, it is clear he feels the US is in part paying for these preparations, from his 'legislation that will reduce and eventually eliminate the $1.3 billion Egypt receives annually in US military aid.'

Good for you, Mr Lantos. There's hope for the Democratic party yet.

UPDATE: IMRA has this story, that complements the above. Quote: 'Over the past three years, [Air Defence Lt Gen Sami Anan] also said, the troops had participated in
more exercises using live weapons and missiles in order to improve their
performance and readiness.'

And IMRA rightly asks: 'What is Egypt getting ready for?'


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