Saturday, July 03, 2004

Expanding the collection

While we're waiting for the Muslim Psychopath to start a new fad by targeting women for hostage taking (and subsequent rape and mutilation I'm sure), the Scum are about to add the existing collection. The BBC reports that Iraq militants 'behead US marine'. Notice the 'militants', where by all standards of objectivity and neutrality it should say 'terrorists'.

Anyway. The 'militants' are getting the hang of timing their 'beheadings' (which aren't 'beheadings' but 'sawings off the heads') in such a way that they'll get some airtime at least. The BBC is too polite not to mention another murderous atrocity beheading by depraved Muslim Psychopaths militants.

This time it's a fellow Arab. A deserter from the USMC. A Muslim. Wonder if it's true.
The Muslims they took hostage before (three Turks), they released, with their heads unsawed. Ostensibly because Turkey protested the war in Iraq. So hopefully they'll save this guy as well, after deserting 'the Great Shaitan'.

UPDATE: Pakistani hostage freed in Iraq
Hmmm. Another Muslim released with head still attached to neck, after threats identical to those against Kim Sin-il and Paul Johnson were made.

Do I detect a pattern here?


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I hate Israel and I want to destroy it.


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