Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Prager time

One of my favourite columnists, Dennis Prager always manages to put the finger where it hurts. In this case, he casually but oh so accurately dissects the motives of people (other than Muslims of course, who have different reasons) who hate Israel and the US.

His first target is Fat Slob © Michael Moore.
Quote: 'Americans "are possibly the dumbest people on the planet ... in thrall to conniving, thieving, smug p----s" (London Daily Mirror).'

I understand he's not really thinking when he says things like this, it's just more the same type of hate (albeit of a lesser intensity) than that of his soulmates Al Zarqawi and Bin Laden. But it's just so obviously and patently untrue, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating: Americans have the highest standard of living. They are healthier, richer and live longer than anyone else on the planet. You may not like it, but there you have it.

Then he takes Leftists in general to task:

Quote: '...many leftists are psychologically adolescents. And one feature of adolescent psychology is anger at a parent who claims very high ideals and turns out to be flawed. Many on the Left are angry at America and Israel for being imperfect and therefore disappointing them.'

I couldn't believe this one. It is so obvious.

He also shows that many if not all countries have grounds for self-criticism, reflection at least. But only Israel and the US have citizens that for all intents and purposes are out for the destruction of their respective countries.

He specifically names Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky (both 'Jews')

Quote Norman Finkelstein (whose parents survived the Holocaust only to spawn a son whose every effort in live is directed at repeating it), : 'Jewish organizations "steal, and I do use the word with intent, 95 percent of the monies earmarked for victims of Nazi persecution" (Counterpunch, Dec. 13, 2001).'

Now there's a Sonderkommando if I ever heard one. Normie, your parents will be proud of you. And the Germans glad they let them live. With Jews like you, who needs enemies?

Prager exposes these Jews, who I call the absolute worst enemy the Jews have on this planet as the sorriest excusers for being alive. A Neo-Judenrat is what they are.

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