Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Balanced BBC report!?

Yes, really! In this report, a Gazan Arab is interviewed on the effects of the IDF's response to the murder of a 3-year old child and a 49-year old man. The terrorist attack consisted of self-made Kassam rockets, fired from Gaza into Sderot, and the response of the IDF was an incursion into the area that was used as a firebase.

The Arab farmer reports losing thousands of fruit trees, which constitute much if not all of his livelihood.

The BBC also reports that 'In Beit Hanoun, there is certainly some resentment among ordinary people of the tactics used by the militants.
Locals are wary of being too publicly critical.
But some clearly felt the random firing of often completely ineffective missiles was counter-productive.
They were tired of being caught between the militants and the Israeli army backlash.'

I feel bad for these people. I try not to enter a 'but' into this sentence. But.
There is a war going on. Terrorists are using your land to initiate attacks from. You do not have the duty or responsibility to stop those attacks, if indeed you even could.

But if you don't, the IDF will. And you will suffer. Not intentionally. But nevertheless.


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