Friday, July 09, 2004

The BBC outdoes herself: The ICJ fence ruling

Analysis: Moral victory for Palestinians

Jonathan Marcus (trust me, a name to remember, I'm afraid will be hearing much more from this moron) from the Beeb has this brilliant piece on why the opinion of a UN organization (the International Court of Justice in this case, a meaningless fact), requested by another UN organization (the General Assembly, better known as the "Despots playing ground") should mean anything to Israel, or indeed to any sane person.

Marcus' total lack of any brain capacity beyond controlling his respiratory muscles is best shown by his last alina: 'The irony is that the best means that the Palestinians may have of reducing the impact of the barrier is through Israel's High Court which has already told its government to alter sections of the route because of the impact it will have on Palestinians' daily lives.'

The moral victory is Israel's: The only country in the region with the capacity to truly self-regulate. The only country in the region where Arabs have rights (including but not limited to voting).


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