Friday, July 09, 2004

More differences between Israel and the "Palestinians"


In the second part of a 2-part article at HonestReporting, David Gerstman beautifully highlights the difference between Israeli democracy and the treatment of humans that goes with it, and Arab Palestinian autocracy and the disregard of humans that goes with it.

The Israeli High Court recently ruled that the security barrier Israel is erecting must be rerouted, because it interfered with Arab Palestinians' life too much (The complete motivation for the ruling is found here).

To show that the Israeli judges were well aware of all the implications, I quote: 'Our task is difficult. We are members of Israeli society...We are aware of the killing and destruction wrought by terror against the state and its citizens. As any other Israelis, we too recognize the need to defend the country and its citizens against the wounds inflicted by terror. We are aware that in the short term, this judgment will not make the state's struggle against those rising up against it easier.'

On the other hand, the 'Supreme National Committee for the Protection of the Right of Return' recently ruled that Arab Palestinians living in refugee camps should not have the right to vote. (emphasis mine) Why not? Well, because 'The committee justified its objection as protecting the unique status of the refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank, considering them testimony to the crime that the occupation state made against our nation for 56 years. The committee warned of the dangers of integrating the refugee camps into the urban housing units.'

In other words, the Arabs cynically use their own people's plight for political gain, condemning hundreds of thousands to conditions they say are a large part of the reason for their war on Israel - and there seems to be nothing that would ever end this plight!

The refugee camps are also the main breeding ground of terrorists. And no right-thinking Arab would hazard the next crop of Jew-killers, right?

Last quote: 'Consider the irony: The Israeli court issues a ruling out of concern for Palestinian human rights, while the PA's own ruling sets back Palestinian human rights.'

I rest my case. For now.


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