Monday, July 12, 2004

Muslim Marine - Contradictio in Terminis?

Missing Marine Safe at Embassy in Beirut heads Yahoo News.

It is beginning more more to look like the US Marine alledgedly kidnapped in Iraq may not have been kidnapped at all, and Barbara Simpson at WorldNetDaily is thinking the same.

As she also notes, it is not the first time Muslims serving in the US military are unable to combine that service with their faith when they are called upon to fight (or serve in another capacity) against a Muslim enemy. When forced to choose, they'll choose against the West.

A Muslim enemy - no matter which one - is still preferable over the chosen service in the US Marine Corps. And loyalty is placed accordingly.

As Simpson notes, it is politically incorrect to even raise such issues. In every other respect however, it is very much correct. And very much overdue.


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