Saturday, July 10, 2004

I used to pose with guns too.

Yes I did. When I was 11. And I thought I was tough also.

These guys are so dumb it's really unbelievable (and a shame too) that they don't blow themselves up more often. Look at this picture of three Muslim Psychopaths threatening to saw the head off a Philipino hostage.
The asshole on the right has an RPG on his shoulder. Something you don't want to fire indoors.
The asshole in the middle tries to con us into believing he can actually read.
And the asshole on the left is wondering what side the business-end of his rifle is.

No wonder they murder people by sawing off their heads. Knives are the only weapons they're even reasonably familiar with. I wonder wether they've discovered fire yet, or the wheel...


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