Monday, July 12, 2004

I no longer trust Sharon either

Agreeing to the "Roadmap".
Withdrawing from Gaza.
And now he's talking to Peres 'cause his own cabinet members won't support him on his Gaza plan.

He has too much explaining to do, and he's not doing any of it.

Israeli rivals move towards unity heads the BBC.

Peres is the traitor who shook Arafat's hand, and received a Nobel Peace prize for it (which should tell you something about its worth). Peres is the man who would have invented the Judenrat had he lived just a bit earlier and in a different place.
Peres is a legend in his own mind. He is a goal in its own right. He needs to be ignored as much as Arafat does.

And now Sharon wants this seller of Jews on his side.

There's a point in a man's life where he combines youthful prowess and vigour with the wisdom and experience that comes with age. Sharon's been living in this stage for quite some time now.
Is he now crossing over into the stage of decrepitude, of fearing death without leaving a lasting legacy?
There is nothing to be gained from dealing with Peres. Except that which the Judenrat gained from the Germans.

Unless Sharon is really outfoxing everyone again (and this is not impossible), he will indeed leave a lasting legacy. He will be remembered as the Israeli leader who cut up Israel before it was finally destroyed.


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