Friday, October 01, 2004

Desperation and poverty are NOT the cause

The liberal media and politicians never tire of claiming the source of terrorism (my term of course, they call it 'militantism' or 'activism') is the hopelessness and desperation of the people that spawn the terrorists.

The fact that many terrorists (suicide bombers included) come from Britain, France, Belgium and other W-European countries (born and raised there) does not make the claim invalid to the idiots.

So when the US went to Afghanistan and captured a Danish Muslim (Danish mother, Algerian father), they put him Guantanamo for two years, made him sign a paper saying he wouldn't do it again and released him. After which he immediately stated
"I am going to Chechnya and fight for the Muslims," he said.
This coming from a man who just spent two years in an American jail for fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Talk about a rebel with a cause: "Infidels are alive. So I have a cause!"

What DOES seem to be a common factor among all the men and women wanting to murder other people in far away places these days is their religion.

They are all Muslims.

Again: Not all Muslims are terrorists. But just about all terrorists are Muslim.

If you want another dose of hopelessness, read
BBC - Danish detainee 'to join rebels'


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