Wednesday, September 29, 2004

No matter what you do, kill the Jew

In this article at WorldNetDaily new evidence is presented that the sponsoring by Iraq of Jew-killers didn't end with the dragging-from-the-hole of ole' Saddam.
Remnants of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's regime may be seeking to fund terrorism against Israel by continuing the payments to families of Palestinian suicide bombers that Hussein previously provided, a document recently seized in Iraq and obtained by WorldNetDaily indicates.
The family of the 'martyr' even gets a Certificate, kinda like for 25 years of loyal service.
Military analysts experienced in Iraqi affairs told WorldNetDaily the document appears indeed to be post-Hussein, although it is unclear whether it was printed while Hussein went into hiding or after he was captured in December 2003.

While in power, Hussein paid the families of Palestinian suicide bombers as much as $25,000 a piece. The checks were thought to provide major financial motivation to underprivileged teenagers who could help their cash-strapped families with the payments that would be issued upon completion of a suicide mission.
And just to remind why they're so poor in the first place:
  • The Palestinian Arabs had it better than most other Arabs until they started waging war on the Israelis.
  • Arafat is a multimillionaire, perhaps even a billionaire, filthy rich from money stolen from the people he professes to fight for.
...And CNN recorded a ceremony in Gaza on July 18, 2002, in which a check and martyrdom certificate were granted to the family of a killed terrorist from Khan Yunis.

The mother proudly showed off the certificate to the cameras. But the document in view, which is signed by "President Saddam Hussein" and identical to those issued while Hussein was in power, is different from the certificate recently captured in Iraq. The new certificate calls Hussein "Mr. President Commander Freedom Fighter Saddam Hussein," lacks any official Iraqi state affirmation, and is signed by the "Iraqi Sector Command," a reference that has been used to refer to Iraqi insurgents.
Let's give them another state, why don't we?


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