Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sad Situation in Sweden

There's too much to quote here, I'll just show one:
The Swedish Journalists' Union's weekly publication, Journalisten, is regularly filled with anti-Israel invective. A search of its online archives shows 37 Israel stories since 10/98, almost all highly critical of Israel. Jan Guillou (at left) − whose writing lionizes Arab dictators and butchers − was elected president of the Association of Journalists by its 5,200 members.

(Guillou co-authored a book about Iraq in the 1970s, praising Saddam Hussein's prisons as 'better than Swedish apartments,' and predicting that Jews who fled from Iraq to Israel would soon choose to return. A few days after the 9/11 attack, Guillou wrote in Aftonbladet that the New York death toll 'was about one-third of those innocent people killed when Israel attacked Lebanon in early 1980s.' And the day after 9/11, an international book show in Sweden held a moment of silence for the American victims. Guillou, then president of the Association of Journalists, walked out in protest that there was never a moment of silence for Muslims killed by Americans and Israelis.)
HonestReporting on today's Sweden. Please read it all.


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