Thursday, September 23, 2004

Pardon my bitternes

Don't get me wrong. I am glad ole' Saddam has moved down in the world. I am happy at how photogenic his sons actually are.

So I am happy the US went to war against Iraq. But I have no illusion as to why it did. In
this article, the BBC goes into some detail about the workings and background of Bechtel, perhaps the worlds largest construction company.
Bechtel is also a major player in
"The Secret War Against the Jews". And they are not on the side of the Good Guys. Bechtel is on the side of the money. And where's the money?
Bechtel estimates the cost of bringing the power system alone up to Middle East standards at $15bn - higher than the UN estimate of $12bn.
US$ 15bn. US dollar. And that's just "bringing the power system up to Middle East standards", whatever that may be.

Just about everything ever built larger than a garden shed in Saudi Arabia was built by Bechtel. Same for the other oil kingdoms around the Gulf.

Bechtel will do whatever it takes to aquire assignments from the Arabs. And the Arabs aren't that fussy. All you have to do is be a proven Jew-hater.
So how does Bechtels belligerence towards Israel become relevant (after all, it's only a construction company, albeit the biggest one on earth)? Enter the revolving door between the US State department and US heavy industry. The borders between US foreign policy and US commercial interests are hazy at best. State Department employees change jobs back and forth between companies like Bechtel, Aramco, Halliburton. The interests of these people do not change with their employment. There is nothing to gain by being even neutral towards (let alone biased in favour of) Israel. There is everything to be gained by being an enemy of Israel. It pays. Big time.

Am I now part of the conspiracy crowd? I guess in one sense I always was: Since the 1920's, oil and the development of the Arab world that was enabled by it has ruled world politics. All other interests pale by comparison. And the owners of the oil are the deadliest enemies the Jews have.

When you bring things down to their essentials, it is not so hard to see why things happen. Especially if those things meticulously follow a pattern.


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