Tuesday, September 14, 2004

IAEA mulls Iran atomic resolution

The UN's nuclear watchdog is to decide on a draft resolution offering Iran a deadline to show it does not have a nuclear weapons programme.
Germany, France and the UK want to give Iran until November to prove it is not lying about its nuclear intentions.
I'm sure the Russians (who are building the nuclear plant at Busher) want to give them even more time. And the Russians have veto power in the UN SC, remember? Why is this relevant? Because if those cheeky Persians fail to prove their innocence by November, the matter should go the the Security Council. NOT, however according to fellow Muslim (and IAEA chief) El Baradei:
[Germany, France and UK] want the IAEA to give Iran until November to dispel suspicions about its nuclear intentions - but IAEA chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, has said there was no time limit for completing the investigation.

On his way into the meeting in Vienna, he said it was an "open process".
Am I really so paranoid to think that this Egyptian is doing everything he can to aid the Mad Mullahs in their quest for Nukes? (Why the West would consciously let him is another question; aside from the ensuing destruction of Israel I see no advantage in it for them).

I am hoping (but doubting) that Israel still has the balls (and the capability) to bomb the Islamic maniacs back into the Stone Age, where - according their own mentality - they belong.


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