Friday, September 17, 2004

Lindsey spells it out once more on Iran

We are witnessing what should be a familiar "dance of deception" that has been used by every rogue power in its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

First, the rogue nation will claim it needs nuclear reactors for peaceful production of energy. In the case of Iran, which is awash with oil, it is hard to claim this with a straight face.

Second, there is the clandestine hiring of foreign experts to help with the project – usually this is kept secret as long as possible.

Third, there is the attempted secret building of uranium enrichment facilities.

Fourth, once this is discovered, there is the stalling and stonewalling of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The rogue nation finally allows only limited, controlled inspections of its facilities. And then there is the usual hand wringing of Western nations as they attempt to rein in the rogue nation with diplomacy, threats of economic sanctions and bribes.

All the while the rogue nation secretly continues at top speed to finish the facilities needed to make the bomb, while vociferously denying it has any intention of building an atomic bomb.

This did not work in Pakistan. It did not work in North Korea. It was not working in Libya until the rapid U.S. military victory over Iraq caused Moammar Gadhafi to realize it could happen to him. And it certainly is not going to work in Iran.
[Emph mine - Ed]
What is so worrying is that it is certain that the EU, US and other ostensibly rational political entities know what is going on. I cannot see the rationale for allowing the Persian to aquite nuclear weapons. But there it is. And why is Iran so special? No one is happy the dictators in North-Korea and Pakistan have nuclear weapons? Well, there is this structural difference: The leaders in Iran are essentially insane, they are religious fanatics. They are rational only in the tactical sense, to obtain an insane strategic goal.
...the real point to grasp is that Iran poses a unique danger. The particular mind-set of the Shiite Ayatollahs should send a chill down everyone's spine. Their particular brand of Muslim thinking involves a heavy emphasis on the glory of dying for Allah in the cause of destroying His enemies.
They HAVE to be dealt with. Severely and decisively.
Hal Lindsey on Iran


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