Thursday, September 23, 2004

Again: Nuclear Iran

In Iranian Tales, Michael Ledeen sheds a bit more light on Iranian society. I don't need more convincing that the only nukes Iran should have should be detonated over Tehran and Busher at ground zero, but here is some extra evidence anyway:
When people ask me why the Iranian people so hate the regime, I begin telling them stories like these, because no list of adjectives, no amount of statistics on social misery, child prostitution, unemployment, corruption of the elite, or drug addiction can convey the horror of this murderous tyranny. If a mullah is caught committing an act that would automatically lead to the death penalty for an ordinary citizen, the problem is "fixed" by a sex-change operation on his partner. But even the son of a counselor to the president can be "vanished" without any accountability.

Can you imagine these creatures with atomic bombs? And yet the U.N. issues yet another "deadline" for the end of November, the European Union preens itself on its avoidance of conflict, even with evil, the president speaks bravely but does nothing to support freedom in Iran, and his challenger lets it be known that, if elected, he will offer the mullahs the same misguided nuclear deal that has already failed in North Korea.
And the "stories like these" are fun reading. Just keep in mind that what Iran has in store for the world in general, and Israel in particular, is not fun.


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