Sunday, September 26, 2004

BBC thinks 93% = ambivalence

Arabs ambivalent over hostage crisis heads BBC. When you read the article however you find out that
...In a phone poll 93% supported the kidnappings.
That is 93% of interviewed Iraqi's. This means that statistically, you would need to ask 14 Iraqi's for their opinion on this barbarous practice to find 1 (one) who does NOT support it. Doesn't necessarily mean he's against it. Just doesn't support it.
Then, many Arab commentators warned that the kidnappers' actions could irrevocably tarnish the image of Islam and the Arab world.
And even if support is lacking, why is that? BECAUSE IT TARNISHES THE IMAGE OF ISLAM.

Not because it's bad or anything.

It is clear by now that NOTHING is able to tarnish the image of Islam. A small minority never needed convincing of the vileness of most of the basic premises of Islam. And the rest of the world will only come to love it more, after they've been forced to convert (and submit).


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